What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Our clothes tell a story…….what story do you want to tell to those around you? Remember that the way we look impacts everything we do. How do you want to be perceived? Every one of us has a style, we just need to identify it. No more fashion mistakes! We want to look tailored and current yet not like we’re chasing the trends. We want to look like a million bucks but not really spend a million bucks. So where do we start?

First, you want to assess your needs. What is your lifestyle? What are your daily tasks? Do you have lots of business meetings? Do you entertain a lot? Do you go on many dates? Do you attend school functions? Are you a career woman/man or a stay-at-home mom/dad?

Once you’ve assessed your needs, you want to invest in the classics like blazers, button down shirts, great pants and shoes. Stick to natural fibers such as cottons, silks, linens….they look more expensive, they are super wearable and will be in your closet forever. Make sure your clothes fit your body and are not too loose or too tight! And remember any outfit can be dressed up or down, so choose your clothing wisely and make a statement….whatever it may be!

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