A full wardrobe makeover for a closet full of looks you LOVE.


Wake up every day to a tailor-made, wearable wardrobe.

Turning to a cluttered closet causes frantic frustration and worry every time you get dressed – that’s every single day!

Start your day a better way.

Your new curated closet will be filled with gorgeous collections of outfits, each hand-chosen to fit perfectly and suit your unique personality and lifestyle.

With an organized, “ri-freshed”, and curated closet, your morning routine will be quick and stress-free. Enjoy endless outfit possibilities that show the world who you are. Confidently show up each day, focused on your goals, passions, hobbies, and responsibilities, while effortlessly emanating sophistication and elegance.

Make every day a great fashion day!



Personal Image Consulting

What are you out to show the world? Whatever it is, say it with style.

Rita Abramson styles busy men and women to always look their absolute best. She works to understand their daily wardrobe needs. From high-stakes presentations to evening cocktail hours to weekend baseball games and everything in between. Rita outlines the timeless pieces needed to make your wardrobe as multifaceted as your vibrant life. From pantsuits to purses, and earrings to eveningwear, Rita details how each item works together to create looks you will love.

Create Your LookBook

After your personal image consultation, Rita delves into the depths of your closet to eliminate items that are outdated, unflattering, and unfashionable. Rita guides you through which pieces to pair together, creating hundreds of looks from items already in your closet.

She then photographs each beautifully assembled look and uploads each one into your RiStyled app.

Personal Shopping

With a fresh inventory of the clothing and accessories you own, and a list of pieces needed, Rita sets out to find the missing wardrobe essentials. Rita selects styles, sizes, cuts, and fabrics designed to fit and flatter. Drawing from her extensive network of fashion industry resources, Rita also has exclusive access to merchandise not found in stores, to give you a truly unique one-of-a-kind style.

In-Home Try On

During your in-home dressing room session, you’ll try on Rita’s Finds and keep the ones you love. Rita mixes and matches the newly purchased finds with what’s already been stylist-approved, extending your wardrobe possibilities. Once all your head-to-toe looks are uploaded to your personal LookBook, you can access them 24/7 through the RiStyled app.

Closet Clean Up

The key to a wearable wardrobe is visibility and accessibility. Rita works with the space you have to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories so they’re easy to see and easy to pair, transforming your closet from clutter and chaos to the dressing room of your dreams.

Wake up each morning to your curated closet, filled with looks you love, masterfully designed by RiStyled.

Closet Overhaul
Frequently Asked Questions

The closet overhaul varies in price depending on the size of the closet and how much personal shopping is needed to find your wardrobe essentials. Rita can deliver a custom quote for your closet overhaul within 48 hours, based around your unique wardrobe needs. Get In Touch →

The complete Closet Overhaul takes place over a series of in-person and personal shopping sessions. The number of sessions needed will be determined during the first visit, when Rita performs her initial closet assessment. If you have an immediate need for wardrobe help due to an upcoming occasion, RiStyled’s personal shopping or wardrobe editing services may be a great fit to help you meet a tight deadline.

RiStyled does not charge for travel time, mileage, or gas within a 20 mile radius of Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

When you purchase a Closet Overhaul, Wardrobe Edit, or LookBook Session, you will receive FREE 24/7 access to your digital LookBook through the RiStyled app. Scheduling one or more RiStyled services every 12 months, will renew your free access to the LookBook.