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Wardrobe Investment Pieces

We make many different kinds of investments, the first usually being in our education. Knowing that it will lead to infinite employment opportunities and pave the way to a prosperous future. Then later in life we start to invest in things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, real estate…..the list goes on and on. The # 1 reason for investing is the expectation our investments will pay off immensely either in the short term or over an extended period. The process is not instant or without some careful research and planning, and most of the time includes the help of a financial professional and some budgeting and saving.

Similarly, in today’s competitive world, investing in our appearance is as vital as investing in our business and future. Cultivating your image and personal style creates the look we want to present to the world and is critical in how we are perceived.

Like sound investments, building an incredible, wearable wardrobe and curating a collection of pieces we love takes an investment of money, time and the help of a professional stylist. We start by examining what we require of our wardrobes, considering our lifestyles and how much we want to invest, keeping in mind just like homes and cars, clothes should be pieces we enjoy spending time wearing.

Since “investment pieces” are an investment, they may cost a bit more but they are timeless, classic and extremely versatile wardrobe requirements. They are the pieces that enhance our wardrobes and will transcend trends, fads, and years. And ultimately pay off immensely in our quest for success, however we define it!

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