Virtual Social Outfits: Casual Looks for Men

Working from home? ⁠RiStyled offers virtual personal styling options for both men and women.  It’s super easy to get started, and you’ll have a virtual wardrobe at your fingertips.⁠

If you’d like some easy wardrobe ideas that allow you to be comfortable AND to socialize virtually, read on. Rita Abramson of RiStyled Personal Styling services has several casual virtual social outfits that were curated with your situation in mind!

If you’re still socializing from the comfort of your home for a bit longer, here’s a great look for men.  ⁠

Choose a great pair of denim skinny jeans and add either a t-shirt with an interesting print like camo or a solid color v-neck tee.  Pair it with your favorite casual shoes or sneakers, and you’re set!  ⁠

If you’d like to take the pain out of shopping and grab these exact pieces, head to Rita’s Finds where Rita has added them to her specially curated online selections.⁠

Another trend that’s popped up with the current work from home lifestyle is virtual happy hours.  Here’s a men’s outfit idea for your next online social event.⁠

These gray slim-fit jeans are made with some stretch so they give great movement and extra comfort.  Pair them with a trendy graphic tee or this striped camo v-neck shirt to add an interesting detail.⁠

No matter which casual outfit combos you choose, it’s important to feel comfortable when you’re showing up virtually.  Choose what works best for you and your lifestyle!

If you’d like to purchase these exact men’s wardrobe pieces included above, head on over to Rita’s Finds to shop.  You’ll also find several other options hand-selected by Rita.  Simply click on the “SHOP RITA’S FINDS” button.

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