Trend Alert: Balletcore

Trend Alert: Balletcore

Ladies, it’s time to break out Essie’s infamous Ballet Slippers polish! We’re super excited about this new trend: balletcore. But what is it? And is it possible to incorporate pieces into your daily wardrobe without looking too Natalie Portman in Black Swan? Absolutely!

Balletcore is a fashion trend that combines the warmth of cosy tights and ballet shoes with the boldness and style of sleek, sporty clothing. It started with a group of dancers who wanted to incorporate the same characteristics into their outfits yet they also wanted something more comfy and easy to wear than the classical tutu dresses. And alas balletcore was born!

So what clothing, specifically, does balletcore entail? It’s everything from tulle skirts to soft satin tops, bodysuits, wrap-tops and cardigans, and, of course, ballet flats. Essentially, the aesthetic consists of anything feminine and comfortable that allows you to move freely, like a dancer.

The trend also works for special occasions too! We suggest shopping for a tulle corset dress.

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