Styling Tips for the Fellas

Style isn’t just for women. Men’s fashion is about helping the fellas find the dapper, refined, or edgy look that is unique to them and their lifestyle. Whether you aim for eye-catching sophistication or more rugged comfort, these style tips for men will help you achieve your desired look.

Suit Sophistication

Men’s suit jackets and pants have gotten slimmer through the years, and the days of pleated pants are long gone and definitely forgotten.  When choosing a suit for any occasion, don’t hesitate to select something a little skinnier than what you’re used to. Suits that are more fitted are always more flattering.

man wearing navy suit and watch with brown leather strap

A trend to watch out for in men’s suits – plaid and pinstripe! You can’t go wrong with these sophisticated patterns. Take a risk and try something different than what you’re used to.

Don’t Be Too Scared to Accessorize

Have you ever wondered how to add accessories to your suit or casual wear without overdoing it? Men’s accessories are more simple than you may think. Watches like Rolex or Apple are an easy way to add boldness to your style. Wallet chains that attach to belt loops are a great way to add some edge to your look.  If you need a bag, try a men’s messenger bag or cool briefcase for work.

business man wearing suit and carrying leather bag

If you’re a hat guy, baseball and newsboy hats can also be added to your wardrobe to spice up your look! Just make sure the baseball hat is clean and in nice condition.

Comfort is the New Classy

Is comfort a main priority in your style? Well, athletic wear is not just for the gym anymore. In fact, almost every designer now has an athletic wear line. And big names like Louboutin and Gucci are jumping on board.

Young man wearing athletic shoes and leather motorcycle jacket while sitting on steps

⁣For must-have comfort footwear, try lace up shoes with an athletic sole or cool sneakers from Adidas or Vans. Jogger pants with pockets and elastic bottoms look great with a shirt and jacket. And instead of a heavy suit jacket, try a cotton or linen blazer that’s soft and stretchy. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort — you can have both!⁣

Stay Unique to Your Own Style

Just like women, men have a particular style that is uniquely theirs. Some prefer conservative, collared shirts and khaki pants. Others prefer ripped t-shirts and jeans, or a sophisticated, tailored suit.

Men also have different grooming styles, from long beards, trimmed beards, or clean shaven. 

Hair is part of a man’s style and can include a shaved head like Pitbull,  a man bun like Jason Momoa, or long surfer style hair like Jared Leto. 

2 dapper gentlement wearing colorful suits

Whatever fashion choices you make, remember to stay unique to your own personal style. Trends come and go, but you know your own style best. 

Do you need help finding your own personal style? Do you have questions on these men’s fashion tips? Check out my services and contact me to see how I can help you achieve your unique personal style.

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