Resolve to Clean Out Your Closet This Year

By now, I’m sure you’ve reverted back to old habits. You said you were going to read thirty minutes every day and your schedule has suddenly become jam packed with video conference calls. You said you were going to cut back diet wise and then you sorta ended up eating half a carton of ice cream. It’s totally fine. No judgement here. Just start again.

In terms of your wardrobe, you should definitely make some resolutions and carry them out within the next week or so:

1. Start by emptying out your closet. Put everything in a pile and take out any clothes you have not worn over the past year.

You are definitely not going to wear a blouse, blazer, or dress that has sat in your closet with the tags on all last year.

2. Figure out your go-to outfit formula.

Figure out what you usually wear 75% of the time when you go out for something other than work or school. That’s your go-to outfit, your style, or your outfit of the day. Figuring out these main pieces will make life a lot easier when you are in a hurry to get ready for work in the morning. It will also help when buying new clothing items, as you will know what styles you are most likely to wear and add to your collection based on that.

3. Donate all unworn clothes to a clothing drive near you or consider selling new condition pieces in a consignment shop so you can still get some of your money back for the impulse purchase.

Some pieces are just too cute that it feels like such a chore to rid your closet of them. Just knowing they were in your closet was enough to help you sleep better at night. Knowing someone will wear them and get better use out of them should motivate you to give them to the cause or shop of your choice.

4. Color coordinating should be your new BFF.

No one’s closet could be impeccably organized but some people tend to work better with a closet that is color-coded all the way through. If this is you, hop to it, friend.

5. This is our friendly reminder to clean out any makeup items that are over a year old.

Makeup does go bad and most foundations have an expiration date of about a year.

If mascara is clumpy as it comes out of the tube, toss it!  Same with lipsticks.  If it’s over a year, or two they should probably be tossed. This will only end up giving you an excuse to buy all new makeup for spring. You know you wanted to try that new shade of lip stain. Now you can.


Most people honestly dread the simple thought of cleaning out their closet but don’t let it get you down. Let it become a metaphor that you are leaving 2016 behind you and moving into a more fabulous and prosperous new year. Cheers to your 2017 being full of luxe looks for less!

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