Is It Worth It?

There are many ways to rationalize spending a little extra money on a fabulous designer item. We can justify the fabric, quality, whether it’s hand made or machine made, and lastly where it’s made. However, one tried and true method has always worked for me and I call it fashion base-cost-factoring. Basically, how much did that item really cost if you wear it all the time??

For example, let’s say an item cost $200. The first time you wear this item, it has cost you $200. The second time you wear it, the item has cost you $100. If you wear the item four times, your cost is just $50 per wear. When shopping, look ahead to determine when and where you will wear this article of clothing or fashionable accessory and its wearability factor. You can easily bring down the fashion base cost of an item by wearing it in many creative and unique ways. Maybe even ways it wasn’t intended for. So, you can see how the wearability of an item can bring down the cost very, very quickly. You may even end up owing money to the store where you purchased it!

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