If Your Bra Doesn’t Fit, Get Rid of It

We’ve all heard the term “UNIBOOB,” yes that’s what happens when women wear sports bras! Sure they’re great for the gym but that’s exactly where they should be worn. Or what about a bra that’s just too small and you have spillage or the “THIRD BOOB?”

Studies show that “70%-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra.”

Wow that means only about 20% of us are in the right bras! Could you be one of those 70%-85%? Remember styling is all about the perfect fit. If you don’t have the proper foundation, you can’t have a fabulous overall look.

No wonder we have issues when it comes to finding great fitting clothes.

Let me put it this way, without the proper undergarments, celebrities wouldn’t look so perfect in their tiny couture dresses.

So ladies do yourselves a favor and go get properly fitted for the perfect bra……’s free! Nordstrom and Bloomingdales have professionals who specialize in fitting women in proper undergarments.

My personal picks are Wacoal and Chantelle (see photos above).

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