Dirtbag Fashion

Dirtbag Fashion

The latest trend in men’s fashion: Dirtbag Fashion. Rejecting conventional ideals of good taste in favor of grit and grime, fashion’s new mood continues a long tradition.

Although this isn’t a new trend, it is definitely making a major comeback this season. The goal is to look like you don’t care by expressing yourself with oversized and mismatched clothing. Celebs like Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly have truly become the icons for this style.

So how exactly do you style yourself to look like a dirtbag? It truly is as simple as it sounds and you shouldn’t overthink it. The main pieces are hoodies and baggy pants. Also the key is to layer, layer, layer! For your feet, make sure to go with chunky boots. And accessorize with bucket hats or oversize funky glasses.

Where to shop for these items? Designers of all price points are loving this trend. You can find baggy pants from Adidas or even luxury brands such as Balenciaga are on board as well.

Looking to add a few dirtbag glam pieces to your closet? Be sure to reach out to Rita to book a personal shopping session.

She also hand picked a few items she’s loving. Shop them here.

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