Working from Home: Virtual Office Looks for Women

If you’re one of the millions of people currently working from home, you’ve no doubt realized how easy it is to throw on a pair of yoga pants instead of your normal wardrobe.  But you still need to show up professionally, ladies — sometimes even on video chats!

Unsure how to navigate your wardrobe now that you’re working virtually? We’ve got ideas for you! Read on for several options that were curated specifically for you by Rita.

If you’re working from your kitchen table or home office, the last thing you need is a tight, uncomfortable blouse or blazer.  This outfit provides you with enough stretch that you can still move while looking put together.

This white silk blouse has a tie at the neck which provides some interest and eliminates the need for adding a necklace.  The loose arms also allow for great movement.  Pair it with faux pearl studded hoop earrings to add some polish.

A simple black pencil skirt pairs easily with this blouse.  Make sure to choose your skirt in a material with plenty of stretch for comfort.

And if your virtual office style needs to be more formal, throw on this pink blazer to communicate that you’re a woman in charge.

If you’d rather deal with less items of clothing but still communicate professionalism, the belted sheath dress is hard to beat.

This one in royal blue indicates that you’re showing up prepared for the day.  

Throw on some hoop earrings like these in faux pearl or even a short necklace.  Remember that how you appear from above the waist is what most people will be able to see on a virtual conference call.

Finally, add a simple black belt or even a trendy Gucci belt to your dress to finish off the look.

If you’d like to simplify even further, go for a one-piece item like a jumpsuit with a built-in belt or even a dress with no belt.

These brightly colored options below communicate a cheerful preparedness that can be refreshing to those on virtual conference calls.  

If you’ve got a few extra minutes, throw on a gold necklace or earrings to finish off either of these looks.

While you don’t necessarily need to wear a full suit while working from your home office, keeping these easy looks on hand for a quick video conference call can help you feel more in control and prepared. And while wearing pajama pants might feel comfortable, getting up and getting dressed can help you feel your best for what’s to come each day.

If you’d like to shop these pieces and see more looks carefully selected by Rita, head to Rita’s Finds and click on the “SHOP RITA’S FINDS” button.

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