The Hottest Winter 2020 Clothing Trends

Ready or not, the winter 2020 fashion season is here. And to help you step out in style, we have analyzed what was hot on the top fashion runways! Below, you will find a list of the hottest Winter 2020 clothing trends that you should definitely know. To get in on the action, scroll through our curated collection of your best fashion bets below.

High Waist Jeans

This jean style has been popular for several seasons now, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. High waist jeans look polished, chic and will work for pretty much every occasion. Because of the versatility of denim — and the fact that they look good with pretty much anything in your wardrobe — now is the perfect season to invest in a fashion-forward pair. And though this style was formerly a favorite of lean runway models, we’re seeing lots of brands now creating great denim looks for curvy women.

Bold Leather Colors

Dark leather in black or brown is a classic that never fails and pairs well with any item in your wardrobe. But this season may be the time to brand out into trying more colorful shades. From super chic red moto jackets to brightly colored pleated skirts, rich tones look extra cool on every body right now.


This season, we continue to see that gold, silver and bronze will be some of the hottest hues to add to almost any outfit. Wear them as a neutral or pair them with an all black look to really emphasize each piece. Definitely try a metallic camisole with a black blazer or a shiny blazer with a neutral top underneath. From holographic heavy metals to multi-chrome details, metallic accents can truly elevate the look of any capsule wardrobe basics.   

Woman wearing gold metallic skirt and one shoulder sweater

Full Volume Sleeves

If you thought the puffy sleeve trend was finished, you were wrong. From low to high, we are seeing the large sleeve trend both from high fashion houses and in stores. To get in on the voluminous wave, you can choose a lighter weight fabric to keep the sleeve size from being too overwhelming. Or you can go all out and wear an exaggerated look with over the top ruffles that’s straight from the runway.

Bold Jewel Tones

By now, you’ve probably noticed that bold, beautiful jewel tones always make an entrance around this time of year. Well this season is no exception, and lovers of deep color will be happy with the choices. From stunning shades of sapphire and ruby red, to sunny citrine and rich emerald green, eye-catching tones are cropping up on fashionistas everywhere. Add a bold handbag or go all out with a maxi dress in one of these lush color notes.

Woman wearing emerald green moto jacket and brown turtleneck and holding green purse

Sheer Fabrics

Though it may seem counterintuitive for the colder months, sheer fabrics are also hot right now. You’ll want to choose how to wear these wisely and layer for the weather but there are several ways to try this trend. Try a puff sleeve sheer top with a camisole under it for a dressy event. A dress with sheer ruffles is also a popular option.

These are just a few examples of what all the chic fashionistas will be wearing now that the weather has cooled down again. Need help sifting through the options for your own wardrobe? Book a call with personal stylist Rita Abramson to start your curated wardrobe collection today!

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