The Easiest Way to Pack for a Trip

Headed out of town for a weekend getaway? Or maybe a trip for work? No doubt you’re already thinking about the headache of packing all your outfits and accessories into your suitcase or carry-on case. 


When it comes to packing, there are a few rules that stylists swear by. For example, roll your clothes instead of folding them. And always check that you have enough underwear before you leave the house. But it’s easy to overlook the most important part of packing for travel: what you wear during your trip. People usually tend to either over pack (and not wear most of the things they bring on trips) or under pack (and run out of clothes to wear).


Luckily, Rita Abramson from RiStyled has created a fail-proof way to pack for ANY trip and still have the exact wardrobe and accessories you need to look your best — no matter the season or occasion!  


For a truly simple way to start your packing process, Rita recommends trying The 3-3-3 Method.


It works whether you’re packing for a vacation or a business trip.  Read on to learn how Rita’s 3-3-3 Method can make your travel wardrobe easy.


The 3-3-3 Method for Women

For every seven days of your trip, you want to pack three of the same items. So for example, three pairs of shoes could be a pair of flip flops, sneakers and pumps/sandals. Although the type of shoe could be different, it’s still three pairs of shoes.


Then, you’ll pack three dresses including a maxi dress, one knee length day dress and an evening cocktail dress. But it could really be any three dresses that you want to pack.


A few more examples for women include packing three long sleeve tops, three short sleeve tops, and three necklaces.  You could select a string of pearls, a choker chain necklace, and a lariat style necklace.  These accessories cover a range of looks from casual to professional.

The 3-3-3 Method for Men

The same method goes for men. You’ll want to pack three pairs of shoes, which could consist of flip flops, sneakers and dress shoes.


Another example of using the 3-3-3 Method for men is to pack three ties, dress shirts, and three pairs of pants. This winning combination is sure to cover the wardrobe for every occasion!


Once you’ve put aside three of each category of items, you can mix and match every piece to give you the most wear on your seven day trip.


The 3-3-3 Method gives you just the right amount of clothes and enough pieces so you have plenty of options for outfits for a seven day trip. If your trip is longer than seven days, add one more piece for every two to three days.


Need some help with planning which pieces to include in your travel wardrobe? Rita would love to help! Head to the Contact Us tab to reach out via telephone or email, and we’ll be in touch!

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