The Closet Overhaul Process

Closet Overhaul Before and After

Another Day, Another Closet Overhaul!

One of the most popular RiStyled services is the closet overhaul for obvious reasons. If your closet can qualify you to be on an episode of Tidying Up or Hoarders, it’s time to call us for help. Or even if you haven’t reached peak levels of closet distress, and simply need to make your wardrobe more aesthetically pleasing we tackle all closets big or small. Read on for our latest transformation!

Our busy client works in management for a prestigious company. Always on call and working 6-7 days a week doesn’t leave much time for closet organization. Her style goals for this project were balancing looking professional, chic and on trend with work, travel and also having more casual options for days off.

She is a perfect example of a client having a closet full of clothes and ‘nothing to wear.’ She thought Rita was going to make her toss everything. Instead we created new outfits for a fresh updated look and organized the closet so that it’s accessible. When clothes are disorganized and not easily accessible, you’re not seeing them and therefore not wearing them!

What is the status of your closet? Does it need an overhaul? You can wake up each morning to your curated closet, filled with looks you love, masterfully designed by RiStyled.


Book a call with personal stylist Rita Abramson to start your closet overhaul today!

Have more questions? Check out some FAQs here.

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