Fashion Tips For Attending Summer Sporting Events

Summer is the perfect time to attend or play sports, whether you’re a casual player, a diehard fan, or just supporting your kids. And if you have to attend a sporting event, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your style stays on point while also showing off your team spirit!

Outdoor Sports

First, the summer, although fun, can be brutally hot. No matter what the sport is, if you’re outside you can’t go wrong with the classic baseball cap. If you’re going for something more casual and laid back, this is a good choice. It doesn’t take much effort at all–plus you’ll be shaded from the sun in style!

If you want something that shows off your team spirit but isn’t quite as casual as wearing just a hat, try wearing a jersey. These are great because they can be worn with jeans or shorts or even khakis if you want to look extra cute while cheering on your favorite team! OR simply wear your team’s colors if you’re strapped for time and unable to get a jersey.

Indoor Sports

Ahh, the relief of attending a game indoors with A/C! However, this just means you’ll go from sweating outdoors to freezing temps inside. Make sure to layer. We suggest jeans and either a long-sleeve jersey or a t shirt with a jacket or hoodie. For footwear we suggest comfortable but stylish sneakers like a pair of Golden Goose or Converse.

Other PRO tips:

  • Wear light clothing. You want to wear something loose-fitting that won’t weigh you down when running around on the field or cheering from your seat in the stands.
  • Wear socks made from materials like cotton instead of synthetic blends like nylon or polyester because they’ll absorb sweat better than other materials would. Also remember that breathable shoes go hand-in-hand with breathable socks; if either one isn’t comfortable enough then both could cause irritation during playtime!
  • Try using sunscreen before heading out into direct sunlight so nobody burns themselves while having fun outside together.
  • Bring water bottles with holders attached so they’re easy to carry around while running around in circles all day long!

We hope that our tips for attending sporting events helped simplify your looks this summer. As you can see, there is a lot of room for personalization and creativity when it comes to dressing up for these events. You can go as simple or extravagant as you like! The most important thing is that you have fun with it–and most importantly enjoy the rush of watching a live sporting event.

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